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the disgraceful situation where an otherwise respectable person changes their every day , appropriate behavior choosing to act like a complete fucking bastard who spends their time fucking around with other like minded cunts, turning their own fucking self into the stupidest fucking cunt of them all.
Man 1: Has anyone seen Dave lately?
Man 2: Nah
Man 3: I've not got a clue were the fuck he's been?
Man 4: You mean you havn't heard where the fuck he's been?
Man 3: I Just said I havn't got a fucking clue!
Man 4:For fucks sake, everyone knows he's been off funting!
Man 1: Surely not Dave?!
Man 4: Yup, its true, he's been fucking around with a right bunch of cunts!
Man 2: That absolute funter!!
by rc9000000000000000000 November 19, 2014
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The unfortunate condition where a woman's vagina starts to spread in a most unusual way, stopping only when it has absorbed the tits. The word is derived from the words breast and cunt.
Doctor,doctor, my boobs have disappeared !!!

Don't panic madam, i'm sure they're still fine, safe and sound under your MAGNIFICENT brunt!
by rc9000000000000000000 February 28, 2014
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A sexual encounter between a chode and a very lucky lady, derived from the words chode and cunt.
".....and in other news, rioting continues all over the world as naked men and women where ever you go continue to demand higher levels of chunting at all times."
by rc9000000000000000000 December 04, 2013
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Grapes are part of the male body, commonly known as testicles and is more of a slang description . Most people name them With the word balls
When I think of a hot woman my grapes produce cum
by rc9000000000000000000 July 18, 2020
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a cross between a cunt and a bastard, usually used when you cant decide whether a person is being a cunt or a bastard.
is she a cunt or is she a bastard? i just cant make a decision, i'll just have to say she must be a castard.
by rc9000000000000000000 November 19, 2013
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