To *enthusiastically* agree with something that was said. Makes more sense in texting or online chatting conversations because it uses two "S"s as opposed to "yes" which uses only one "S." A simple "yes" can sometimes be taken as a stock response from someone who is not actually interested in the conversation.
Brandon: I contend that country music brainwashes our youth. Beth: Yess! I enthusiastically affirm this statement.
by bethythepirate December 29, 2010
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When you are talking to a pet in a baby voice and someone asks you to do something, you say yesses
Lois- "You're such a cute puppy, yes you are!"
Amelie- "Do you want to go swimming?"
Lois- "Yesses!"
by bobcat321 May 12, 2020
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Word used when something impressive, amazing or crap happens. Also used as an affirmative.
Yess! Au au! Indoid! I did quite quite kick Aaron Chan's ass today! What a snass!
by Andric Leong September 25, 2003
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A South African term used mostly when reacting to something bad or good.
"Yesses I'm late for my exam."

"Yesses this betty looks nca"
by 17SZN May 20, 2020
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The correct pronunciation for "Jesse" with a spanish accent.
Look at lil Yesse with his Scooby Doo underwear and Fez T-Shirt.
by Erica_Chris October 30, 2010
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A sarcastic phrase often used by fans of prominent rapper and songwriter Cupcakke (known as "Slurpers") on social media platforms – such as TikTok – that typically precede vulgar descriptions of sexual acts involving heavily socially stigmatised and oftentimes borderline illegal kinks.

The profiles of the Slurpers that use this phrase are typically anonymous, however have notably vulgar username handles, in addition to profile pictures and content resembling Stan Twitter memes.
“Girl YESS!! I want my dad, uncle and grandpa to cum in a bottle and let me use it as a 3-in-1 shampoo.”
by obamasmilliondollaputhay December 25, 2021
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