To *enthusiastically* agree with something that was said. Makes more sense in texting or online chatting conversations because it uses two "S"s as opposed to "yes" which uses only one "S." A simple "yes" can sometimes be taken as a stock response from someone who is not actually interested in the conversation.
Brandon: I contend that country music brainwashes our youth. Beth: Yess! I enthusiastically affirm this statement.
by bethythepirate December 29, 2009
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When you are talking to a pet in a baby voice and someone asks you to do something, you say yesses
Lois- "You're such a cute puppy, yes you are!"
Amelie- "Do you want to go swimming?"
Lois- "Yesses!"
by bobcat321 May 12, 2020
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The correct pronunciation for "Jesse" with a spanish accent.
Look at lil Yesse with his Scooby Doo underwear and Fez T-Shirt.
by Erica_Chris October 29, 2010
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A South African term used mostly when reacting to something bad or good.
"Yesses I'm late for my exam."

"Yesses this betty looks nca"
by 17SZN May 20, 2020
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Word used when something impressive, amazing or crap happens. Also used as an affirmative.
Yess! Au au! Indoid! I did quite quite kick Aaron Chan's ass today! What a snass!
by Andric Leong September 24, 2003
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A cute nickname for the name jess or jessica. Always very saucy and has a big butt.

A yess-ika is a very sexy mama.
by yessika May 15, 2008
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