They aren't prostitutes, more like female pimps who in many countries their main job is to provide women for men. They pretty much find or gather prostitutes and "sell" them.
My mother-in-law was a madam (literally).
by SARA1 December 30, 2010
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a former prostitute who now runs her own escort service by hiring hookers and pimps
I was a streewalker but ever since last year I am a madam and i make better $$$
by kira March 19, 2004
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1)An ex-hooker whose pimp is no longer with her. 2)A woman with a tendency to use exaggeration for personal gain and manipulation. 3)Prostitutional waste.
woman#1: Pretty call girls can make $3000 a night with no hassle and no pimp.

woman#2: Yeah right. Excuse me, Madam.
by anon March 1, 2005
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A slang name for the drug MDMA, the pure form of the drug ecstacy.
Mate, if you're picking up could you grab me a few bombs worth of madam??
by Campbell Reid November 6, 2006
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From the French "Ma dame" ("my lady"), a respectful title for a woman of high social status.

Not the same thing as a madam, a woman who runs a brothel; a madam is something quite different from madame.
"Ce qui toi indispose, madame?"
("What upsets you, my lady?")
by Lorelili March 19, 2006
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One who steals, under false pretenses especially in reference to artists' work and/or monies intended for a particular purpose on social media.
I gave money to her for perks but she did a Madame and I have neither the money nor the perks OR

She pulled a Madame and used my artwork on her page without giving credit.
by Comfortdoll October 26, 2019
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