The opposite of bourgeois. 'Street' implies hustle. Every man a potential enemy, every woman a potential hoe. Money is king. The cold reality of day to day life and achieving. Someone who is 'street' is ready to defend themselves at all times and jump on any opportunity to level up. The paradox is that anyone who gets comfortable loses all street cred. There is not one hip hop star today who has street cred, because they have all gone soft.
You're not street, you're five star suite.
by soached August 10, 2010
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Knowing the street. Being able to pick up on all types of things quickly. Relating to all types of people, not necessarily just the lower class.
A street kid that has a degree is an awesome thing.
by Bill Samson May 22, 2008
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Verb. Local slang from Melbourne, Australia

Definition : To not razz someone back or to not flirt with someone while they're flirting with you.
: I'm trying to razz Tom on Snapchat, but he's streeting me!
: He's trying to flirt with me, but I think I'll just street him....
by emmalanamore April 24, 2018
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Of or pertaining to the urban "street" culture, undergound, based around the core of hip-hop, skateboarding, bmx etc.
You that dude was fly and dressed so street!
by Liam October 24, 2003
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hallways in prison.
"that guy across the street is doing the same time as me"
by x July 24, 2003
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Of or relating to the gangster-basketball scene. "Street" is a term used to describe a person who dresses like a "street baller." Clothing usually worn by a "street baller" include, but not limited to, items such as timberlands, jump suits, jordan shoes, shirts, and headbands. This person, "Street", usually has no association with basketball what-so-ever.
jime "street" ellis is always wearing his timbs and jordan gear which he copied from another friend who plays basketball.
by bob "jamaica" marley February 1, 2007
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