Something greater than normal.
Something better than the usual
Something with more meaning than average
Something that add life and character
These people are uncommon and I love it!
by misterwordsmith09 August 16, 2011
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Someone who likes both Star Trek AND Star Wars, often times equally . The term was made popular by the website
Geek one: "Do you like Star Trek or Star Wars?"
Geek two: "Actually, I like both."
Geek one: "Really? You're an uncommon geek!"
by Uncommon Geek December 17, 2014
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is what "seldom few know", usually with reference to the community in which the term is used.
Bob: Did you know an ostrich's eye is bigger than its brain?
Tom: No i did not.
Bob: I'm just full of uncommon knowledge.
by m.massey February 28, 2009
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Before diving into the definition of uncommon sense, let’s dive into the definition of common sense and nonsense.

When we talk about “common sense”, it means a practical knowledge or belief that is basic and not ridiculous to nearly all people at the time.

In contrast, “nonsense” means a knowledge or belief that is ridiculous and is currently impossible to believe or achieve with the current situation, which include resources (money, technology, etc.), or just simply impossible to do.

So “uncommon sense” is a term between “common sense” and “nonsense”. It means that at the time when this belief is proposed, it is not a common belief among people, making it uncommon. However, the belief or idea is logical and possible, hence making it not impossible.

In short, a possibility that is logical but not a common belief among people is “uncommon sense”
For example,

Before heliocentrism was proposed, Geocentrism had been a “common sense” to the people at the time being, but is also a “nonsense” to the people nowadays.

During Heliocentrism is being proposed, as geocentrism is the common belief at the time, geocentrism had been a “common sense” to the people at the time being, and a “nonsense” to the people now. But Heliocentrism is not nonsensical, as it is logical, then this possibility or hypothesis is an “uncommon sense” to the people at the time being, and a “common sense” to the people now.

After Heliocentrism was proved to be correct, geocentrism turns to be a “nonsense”, which had been a “common sense” to the people in the past. And Heliocentrism turns from an “uncommon sense” into a “common sense” to the people now.
by Shadow Dreadlord August 11, 2021
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As previously noted, the traditional entity known as "common sense" is conspicuously absent of our current society. Therefore, what is generally thought of as "common sense" shall now be known as "uncommon sense".

However, the alternative definition for "uncommon sense" listed on this site is absolutely stupid; the natural implication of "common sense" is the sensibility (or intelligence) of the masses. To state "uncommon sense" within his syntactical framework would imply an individual with sensibility beyond that of a normal person, yet he clearly states that a stupid person possesses said uncommon sense. This is pure illogic.
Look, you can either have some uncommon sense or overdose on PCP and sacrifice your friend in a blood ritual.
by CSimplify May 30, 2011
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Because Common Sence is no longer common, this is the new and correct phrase for "Common Sense". See: dumbass, moron
"Man, that was stupid! This guy's got uncommon sense."
by Keaton Prower January 24, 2004
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UNCOMMON WORDS Chalcedony- A Male Coat....
by Niitrogen September 22, 2013
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