The same as The Shit, only better because tits are great and shit isn't.
by Rob January 15, 2005
another phrase for saying something is really awesome.
Hey, this buritto is the tits
by mister chigga November 4, 2009
My new cell phone is the tits.
mmm...this pizza is the tits.
by OrangesAKAS October 26, 2006
a term getting fame from the movie "Girl Next Door" reffering to something in a positive light.
"Partied with Matty last night - Guy's the tits."
by jamesthe3rd February 13, 2006
Yo man skinnydipping is the tits!
by THeonecontainer June 1, 2005
Those chips are the tits!
by Vinnie March 14, 2004
Someone who walks around like they are better then anyone else
Kaylyn walks around like she's the tits. she won't even look at me anymore.
by Robert Williamson April 21, 2005