Where all the retarded kids in my school go.
Guy 1: Wheres Jimmy?
Guy 2: Hes at the base?
Guy 1: Well, he is in bottom set...
Guy 3: Whats the base?
Guy 1: Its the Brunts Base
by Oxogod November 06, 2017
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When something has been done or said the wrong way around it can be said to be fack to brunt. Literally means "Back to front".
"Dyslexia is an affliction that can cause you to read your words fack to brunt."
by Anthony Wladysiuk July 04, 2006
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Rhyming slang for cunt. Named for Star Trek character, Liquidator Brunt FCA, who is notorious for showing up just to be a douchebag to Quark.
Some guy: Hey, did you get a load of that guy? His name must be Liquidator Brunt.

A pissed off Trekkie: Hey, Liquidator Brunt, what is your problem?
by Hughesation January 05, 2019
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The act of befriending or gaining trust to maliciously cause harm or hurt, through betrayal or lying.
"As the Salesman walked away, I realized I had been thoroughly Van Brunted."
by darby carrgym November 18, 2009
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A very rare bread of beautiful yet hilariously funny women
'That supermodel had me in hysterics, she is such an Isobel'
by Polly June 09, 2003
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A hoe thot that suck pp and that is a loser and a butt head
She is a brunt choke.
by The think of thots March 28, 2019
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