Chiefly British English.

That one person in your life who is like a sibling. You'll do anything for them, literally. They understand you, you understand them and you're always happy when you're around them. You just click.

Similar to best friend, but you can only really have one best mate, otherwise they are probably just good friends.
My best mate is like a brother to me, and I hope we are best mates for life.
by spunko2010 October 23, 2006
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Best friends that are also room mates.
(phone rings a super mario theme)
Oh best mate what is going on?!
You need to check out this bullet..
Sorry, I can't right now.. I'm on my way to a nooner!!
by sugarcoatedme June 11, 2011
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Somebody that is kind frindly and happy to be with u
"You are my best mate"
"Thank you bezzie"
by Sassy bitch April 29, 2016
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we like fortnite we like fortnite
omg is that really fortnite dance thats best mates i cant believe it crazy dude
by PH-1 May 2, 2019
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Best mate is essentially the better version of a best friend best mate is the best relationship u can have with someone.
Hey have u met my friend jazz she's my best mate.
by Nicool105 November 25, 2021
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An emote from Fortnite Battle Royale from season 3 in which you receive on tier 63 of Battle Pass. The dance consists of moving your legs at a slight angle while swinging your arms down at a 90 degree angle side to side with closed fists.
Rylan: Fortnite Dance-Off!!!

Christopher: Lilly vs. Rylan. Best mates... GO!

( Rylan and Lilly do their best attempt of best mates)

Christopher: Lilly wins that one.

Lilly: Yay!
by That_1_Per$on June 17, 2018
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