something that is cool or good.
"Hey did you check out my new car?"
"Yeah it's brisk."
by spain08 August 15, 2008
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1. active, fast, and energetic.

2. synonyms: quick, rapid, fast, swift, speedy, hurried; More
(of the weather or wind) cold but fresh and enlivening.
synonyms: bracing, fresh, crisp, invigorating, refreshing, stimulating, energizing; More
sharp or abrupt.
1. "a good brisk walk"
2. "the brisk, dismissive nod of her head"
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Something cool or fresh, usually having to do with sober fun. Can also be found in the adjective form "brisky".
"Yo that's hella brisk."
by sequoia asshole September 22, 2014
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a very tall plaid shirted man who has long, greasy hair that hangs just below his eye lids. he is facinated by the guitar, axl rose, and staring at girls with a ripped garden city swearshit at homecomings. he can be socially awkward and a douche fag, but it's ohhk, because he's brisk and that is all the really counts.
girl one: is brisk staring at me?
girl two: yeah
girl one: (turns around)
brisk: (turns head real fast)
girl one: omg!
girl two: i know

later on in the car
girl two: he kept looking at you the whole time
girl one: thats a good thing right?
girl two: yes. very good.
girl one: yaya!
by msbriskbusiness October 25, 2009
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