a way to break an awkward silence in a conversation with friends.
Dave: she has nice skin
Bill: ...
Dave: Fat Penis
by neverdeadxe August 2, 2009
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A foot long hotdog, or large juicy sausage. Not used in polite company.
Ben: So I had an elongated, fat penis for lunch. Smothered in hot mustard.

Tanya: Gross!

Ben: Oookay.. Well what did you have?

Tanya: Okay fine, I ate out a dripping, wet pussy, covered in KY jelly. Beat that!

Ben: You're a lesbian? I thought you loved me!

Tanya: I thought we were playing a game...

Ben: Is that what love is to you, A GAME!!??

Tanya: I didn't mean---

Ben: The HELL you didn't mean! You're breaking my heart girlfriend, is this about your old flame Steve again?

Tanya: Oh yeah, I suppose you are jealous. Maybe you wanted Steve's elongated, fat penis, huh?

Ben: He didn't even like sausages.

Tanya: Damn right he wasn't gay, we did it twice a week, sideways!

Ben: That hurts... just because our love life isn't perfect you've always got to compare me to him. Hey wait a minute, what do you mean he wasn't gay.

Tanya: He wasn't---

Ben: Hey wait, you're talking about sex, I was talking about food! An elongated fat, penis is a hot dog!

Tanya: WHAT??

Ben: Yeah, and you told me you liked to eat out women!

Tanya: I did not! I thought you were just trying to gross me out with homosexual references, so I'd one up you!

Ben: Ohhh. That's what I get for using obscure slang! I thought everyone knew what an elongated fat penis was!

Tanya: I'm sorry darling. Please forgive me! I didn't mean what I said about Steve.

Ben: I'm sorry too honey, I know you're not a lesbian, like my old flame Cassandra.

Tanya: No need to bring her into this, honey.

Ben: Sorry sweetie. Hey, how about we go listen to some of those Indigo Girls albums you like, and we share an elongated, fat penis together!

Tanya: Yeah baby!

*couple walks off hand in hand*
by Boontonto November 30, 2005
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He has an elongated, fat penis for a head.
by JOKa August 12, 2003
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When a fat man lift's up his stomach,starts intercourse (preferably doggystyle),then drop the belly on them
Briz gave me the fat boy penis and wore my back out
by yung briz July 30, 2008
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A man who has a dick so big, it hurts a girl when he puts it in her pussy.
Dude, that penis fat made some girl happy yesterday.
by Someone November 25, 2003
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