A uniquely American drink that apparently tea drinkers outside the US just don't get. Both refreshing and caffeinated, but be careful what you order -- Southerners like it really, really sweet.
Ah, iced tea. My wirewater of choice.
by Lady Csyde October 14, 2006
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in some countries, it is sweetened (delicious!)

in other countries it is unsweetened (still ok!)
wow i just had some Nestea iced tea and it was SOOO GOOD!
by Stefan Rubel January 15, 2008
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A really cute boy that likes you back. You never seen this boy before but your brother is besr friends with him. He also plays soccer on the 05 beadling boys team.
Me: Iced tea is really cute.
Molly: I know beadling boyz are so cute.
by jocelyn_radcliffe June 18, 2019
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A drink which consists of brewed tea served over ice in tall glass. Sugar or lemon is often added to enhance flavor. Sometimes called "iced tea".
After Bob was through working in the hot sun, he poured himself a big glass of refreshing ice tea.
by Super Gerbil August 1, 2004
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Sister, I've got some iced tea for you. Sara is so ugly.
by I C E D Tea January 2, 2019
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1.The most essential nutrient in a Techies diet.
2.The joy of life in fluid form.
3.The liquid that empowers brain and body of hardcore insomniacs (after Coffee, Red Bull & Etc.).
1. "Hey Kev, we're out of Ice Tea for tonights show"
2. "Me has Ice Tea, Wheeeee" *runs around in circles like a little child*
3. "Damn loading time. Need Ice Tea"
by AnnoyingBugger24 April 10, 2007
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