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Broke, penniless, without means, on the bones of yer arse.
Comes from the cockney rhyming slang 'boracic lint' (a type of medical dressing): Boracic lint = skint.
Boracic is pronounced 'brassic'.
Fack me, I'm brassic this week cos I've eaten too many rubys.
by FatJohn February 18, 2005
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peniless, broke, skint, lacking in funds. British slang term.
Can I tick an eighth off you until next week, I'm brassic.
by Adski Kavitch October 30, 2003
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To be short in the wallet department to the tune of none.
Oh damn and dash Crispin! I carnt afford to get monged tonight, I am compleatly brassic. Tits!
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(adj) Poor, without a penny; (flat/stone) broke, busted, skint, bernie flint, light in the wallet, short on funds.
He's way too brassic to be taking girls uptown on his dime.
by Bil Peters January 01, 2007
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Very cold, chilly. A temperature that makes one shiver. Usually applied to the weather or outdoor temperature. The cold temperature may be accompanied by a cold wind that goes right through ones clothing. The same kind of cold as 'brass monkeys' weather. Can also be applied (typically sarcastically) to indoor temperatures, especially if it is colder than is comfortable and one wants to influence a change!

Used in the North of Britain.
It's brassic out (there).
Brrrr, it's a bit brassic out there. ('a bit' can be added as an under-exaggeration)
by Northernlass July 11, 2013
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"Brassic" Taken from the Latin word "Brassicus" meaning to be poor/financially cunted.
"hey old chap im fucking brassic buy me a pint!"

"James is so brassic he cant afford petrol for the death mobile!"

"hey its the the so brassic crew!"
by Massive Marc April 28, 2005
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