to give someone drugs now, knowing that payment will happen some time in the near future
'' could you tick us an eighth till i get paid''
by jack johnjackson August 31, 2006
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To give someone 'tick' or 'ticka' is to give someone drugs on credit.
Q: "Can I get this deal on 'tick' until Monday?"
A: "Ahhh....helllzzz no!"

Q: "Does Erik do 'ticka'?"
A: "Ahhh....helllzzz no!"
by Diego July 12, 2003
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buff, fit, good (looking)
When he wore his armani suit he looked TICK
by J-ski March 7, 2003
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very fit and sexy, attractive, good looking
that boy is tick, just look at that body so tick
by elcoolj August 30, 2005
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individual who prefers playing videogames instead of having a social life
Anthony: Yo i played Fifa 10 for 3 dasy straight without going out

Dylan: You are such a fucking tick
by degro January 7, 2010
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to make someone really mad
She really ticks me off when she flirts with my man
by jennifer March 11, 2005
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A snare player on drumline that plays so off, there's a ticking noise.
Who's the tick on drumline?
by Duo Jet September 29, 2006
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