Monged - the result of several hours of steady smoking, characterised by inability to move from the sofa.
I was monged out last night after that weed
by cup December 12, 2003
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The feeling of uselessness that comes from doing pills (MDMA) and smoking weed.
After tugging on the bong I was well and truly monged
by Chris_P May 3, 2005
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So pissed on cheap cider that one is comatose.
I was totally monged last night.
by fatbob May 6, 2003
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To be ugly or disfigured in some way. Can be aimed at Animal, Vegetable or Mineral.
She had a monged face
That turnip looks monged
by chudmeister June 22, 2003
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i am compelely and utterly monged
by david flynn November 14, 2003
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leaner den da tower of pesa
da look on james c's face when he came out of some off licence in east barnet village, we smoked skunk till we were monged
by gat man April 3, 2003
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We goto a local cafe in east london called 'Marias cafe' sometimes and eat greasy food, after leaving the building we are monged
'Marias cafe has monged me'.
by aaron July 9, 2004
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