You have no penny's left :(
Jake- Yo joe!! Can you buy me an ice cream?

Joe- nah fam I'm penniless
by Thelifeofjakeandjoe April 5, 2016
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An audacious, annoying and generally "WASP" or "WASP" inspired ne'er-do-well worth more in tax debt. The breed is prevalent in Georgetown, Washington, DC, but can be found in Nantucket, the Vineyard and other "social" seasonal spots where work means less than conformity.
"Gee, Chris likes to appear as if he lives on a trust fund ... but we all know he's just part of the penniless glitterati."
by the Cindy Moon January 6, 2014
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1. True Love

2. Fictional Characters in the (2001) acclaimed film, Moulin Rouge.
Satine and the Penniless Poet fell in a deep love.
by Mimosa 'Mineko Iwasaki' January 15, 2007
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