Burr or Burrr or Brrr is a sound that is being used to describe a general state of confusion or otherwise is used to fill any akward pauses in conversation. The sound's usage is currently increasing exponentially in the US office scene. Origins of the sound are still debatable although it has been rumored to have been created in New York. Also can have comedic uses.
While sitting in your boss's office, you're told to do something you don't undertand. You look back at your boss while tilting your head at appoximately 37 degrees and reply..."Brrrr?"
by Sakdog December 22, 2006
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an alcoholic beverage consisting of at least wheat, hops, and malt.
Can I get a brrrr up in here?! I need a drink!!
by plowswagatallnite May 31, 2011
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When something is going brokey, like a Computer or Machine
M: "Oh damn the Server is lagging again."
J: "Server go brrrrr"
by Dinoxon September 29, 2021
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An onomatopoeic word no one agrees on the meaning of. It can mean things such as:
- Being fast and loud
- Being broken
- Exploding
So much lag... The servers must be going brrrr.
Can't launch nuclear waste into space because rockets go BRRRR
by LMOFA December 21, 2022
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The sound a printer makes when the federal reserve needs to print $6 trillion to prop up the stock market and sway away from the reality of current bad news. The 2020 COVID-19 outbreak caused the S&P 500 to crash 35% and reaching lows in mid-march. That was until Jerome Powell and the Federal Reserve begin revving up their money printers to try and save the stock market from total collapse despite all the bad news so far.

30 Million people unemployed and a 15% unemployment rate? Doesn't matter, money printer go Brrrr

A total of 80,000 U.S. deaths from the coronavirus pandemic? Doesn't matter, money printer to Brrrr

The total collapse of the oil, tourism, and hospitality industry? Doesn't matter, money printer to Brrrr
Example 1
WSB put holder: Why are stocks mooning when there is more bad news than good news? My puts are expiring worthless!
WSB call holder: Because money printer go Brrrrrrr

Example 2
Wojak Ancap: Nooooo! You can't just print more money that will cause hyperinflation and prices to go up!
Wojak Boomer: Haha money printer go Brrrrr
by Arizona Cardinals May 9, 2020
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That one meme created by someone from Turkey, obviously.

Wednesday x Skididop created by ThatOneGuy.

Probably the most viral meme yet.
Morty: Hey have u heard of that new BRRRR SKIDIDOP DOP DOP OH YES YES YES meme?
Rick: oh yeah
by AQUAR1US4LIF3 March 16, 2023