What you say when someone has dissapointed you over and over, and there is nothing else to explain how you feel
You suck, I just thought I'd put that out there.
by LivzLife June 12, 2010
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it means that you, yes you, are a fucking asshole w/ no life, i.e. you blow
bob: wow fucker, you suck
kevin: yeah, i do, don't i?
by looloo May 26, 2003
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Expressing extreme jealousy towards someone, usually towards a friend.
Buddy 1 - I got a new car!
Buddy 2 - Aw man, you suck! I want a new car!

Girl 1 - Take a look at my new earrings!
Girl 2 - Girl! You suck! Those are the one's I wanted to get!
by i suck too April 8, 2019
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A phrase that expresses disappointment, anger, frustration, or otherwise discontentment with the listener.
Person 1: Did you tell her I wanted to go out with her?
Person 2: Dude...I was going to, but I got sidetracked and ended up asking her out myself, then I kinda made her think you were a neo-Nazi.
Person 1: Aw, man, you suck!

Person 1 (after a test): Man, I totally failed that test. She totally told us the wrong stuff to study. It was really hard.
Person 2: No, it wasn't. You suck!

Meta Knight: You suck, Kirby.
by Tez, a man February 5, 2010
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A thing said to someone when you are arguing with them or joking about them.Ussually said when one can't find anything else to say but still wants to say something.
by youknowwho07 April 18, 2019
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a) a term used to convey to a person that they are talking total NONSENSE.
b) a term used when there is lack of better comebacks
c) a term used to make it look like u were listening to a conversation when in truth u have no idea as to wht the speaker was talking about. NOTE: even though this may seem like a completely random thing to say, it has a high success rate.
a) "Bush rocks!!"

b) "You think you're better than me??? Huh?? Do you?? "

c) ".... and so thats how i landed up in the shithole with horse crap all over me. So anyone who says it was my fault can go die. What do u think?"


blonde girl : "snif sniff my boyfriend left me..he thinks i m fat... do u think i m fat?"

A: "uhhh... YOU SUCK?"
by freakazoids July 5, 2007
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