n. a us coin worth ten cents
n. a very attractive person, a perfect ten
n. $10 worth of any drug. short for dime bag. The amount will vary depending on the substance, the quality and the dealer.
"gimme a dime, i gotsa call my moms."
"damn look dat shorty be a dime"
"ayo, will you lemme get a dime, bro?"
by jim June 24, 2003
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10 dollars worth of marijuana. Dealers usually never like to sell dimes since it chips away from bags that could have been dubs, eighths or quarters. Very popular among broke ass high school kids.
Minor: Yo, just got some allowance money for doing some yard work. You got a dime?

Drug Dealer: lol, get outta here kid, how the hell did you get my number?
by Dave bacon June 06, 2009
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Meaning very attractive females. Grading within a 10.
We clubbin with straight dimes!

"Even though women change, I will always like dimes" - Lil Wayne
by Rosanna888 September 02, 2010
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n. $10 worth of marijuana
n. Anything perfect, usually the looks of a girl. (From rateing a ten on a scale of 1-10)
n. $10,000
v. To rat someone out.
1. Man, I had to dig through the couch just to scrape togeather enough for a dime bag.

2. Man, that bitch is a dime.

3. Those cops pinched a dime off me when I was in.

4. The cops were all over my house, someone must have dimed me out.
by James Dannelly May 07, 2003
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A 10 year sentence in prison
Person 1: "Aye wassup you seen Mark around? I haven't seen him since i been back."

Person 2: "You know Mark doin a dime right now for that drug bust that went down a few months back."

Person 1: "What! He was in that shit man!?! Damn why the fuck nobody told me that shit!"

Person 2: "Man you been gone for a minute. Alotta shit went down since you been gone"
by KNOLEDGE November 11, 2013
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