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when you are broken beyond repair. so broken that you are borken. unable to form sentences or words properly
my computer is borken
i am borken
my whole life is borken
by mani 4 December 12, 2018
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(adj.) - Coined by the infamous Evan Trask in one of his wilder moments of inspiration. Generally taken to mean something which is not only broken, but completely wrecked in a comical fashion. Can also be applied figuratively to a person who is acting strangely (see: Jordan Burch)
Man 1: "Ow, I punched myself in the face, and now my brain is borken!"
Man 2: "You're an idiot, Matt"
by Mort June 13, 2004
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Broken, misspelled.

For something to be borken, it must be broken beyond all repair.

However, the only reason why its beyond all repair, is because it cannot possibly be fixed by the idiot who is stupid enough to call it borken, thus broken beyond all repair.
Guy1: Aw man my TV's so totally borken!
Guy2: Borken? Anyway, what's wrong with it?
Guy1: It won't make any sound!
Guy2: Umm...that's because its on mute.
Guy1: Oh! You must be some kind of genius or something!
by Paznos April 25, 2009
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Unidentified meat in your meal. May be beef, pork, or chicken, but really could be anything.
"What's the meat in the meat curry?"
"God knows, borken or something."
by Johnny Rod December 19, 2008
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Enhancement shamans are as of patch 3.0 completely borken.
I did 1200 DPS on patchwerk yesterday. Shamans are completely borken!
by patchwerklol January 18, 2009
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