Enhancement shamans are as of patch 3.0 completely borken.
I did 1200 DPS on patchwerk yesterday. Shamans are completely borken!
by patchwerklol January 19, 2009
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To be broken, really badly, like moi (Jess)
Originates from "I'm really borked bekka, er I mean broked, wait I like it let's keep it"
1. "I hurt" "That's a'cause you're borken"
2. I'm too borked for my own good.
3, His pensi was borken!!
by Dr Pepper Emo Child March 14, 2005
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The time(s) of day when your dogs start singing you the song of their people. Can be out of anger or excitement, when they want something from you. The borkening usually occurs when they want food, someone comes over, or they want out of their crates.
Ex 1)
*dogs borking like crazy*
Person 1: Why are the dogs barking so much?
Person 2: It’s the borkening. They want out of their crates. It happens every morning.

Ex 2)

*dog borking in the other room as someone arrives*
Guest: Is your dog okay?
Host: Yeah, don’t worry they perform the borkening whenever someone comes over, they just want to be let out to see you.
by essays_suck September 7, 2020
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When you are typing too fast and instead of broken, you type borken.
My mic is borken.
by Red69420 October 15, 2020
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A word commonly used to describe a horrifying, ugly fleshly penis.
"I was on UK Dating last night and some guy sent me a pic of his penis!"

"Was it a pretty penis? "

" No. It was Borken. It was Borken beyond the realms I ever thought possible for Borken penises"
by Borken June 19, 2014
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