An African-American (mainly from the 1970s) that adorned an unusually large afro.
Tyrone: Wow Leroy, if you graduated in '72, your yearbook probably looked like a collection of microphones.
Leroy: Graduate? Who you talkin' to nigga?
by pleco December 1, 2005
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In smoking marijuana, what a pipe turns into when one is too stoned to remember to pass it(also see babysitting)
Yo, you talkin' into a microphone there, or are you gonna pass that shit?!
by fyrelady March 6, 2008
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The item used to record your pronunciation of words to submit onto the urbandictionary!
My microphone is broken, my neighboor's is broken, and my OTHER neighboor's microphone DOESN'T WORK on my computer!
by LARSTAIT November 5, 2003
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can be used as a dildo in hard times
Hey angelina (les partner) do you get the dildo?
No, but i have this microphone.
by Greg April 6, 2003
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to hold whatever you're smoking and talk instead of hitting it. usually done by know-it-alls who feel like they're superior to you in intellect and that you could learn a few things from them.
Guy 1: Rambling on about bands no one cares about

Guy 2: Damn man you gonna hit that shit or microphone it all night?
by locomurph June 7, 2010
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Holding up the rotation to tell a story.
As soon as Billy got the blunt he told us a story, but all I cared about was the blunt because I was next in the rotation. I told him to puff puff, and stop microphoning.
by evodievo January 13, 2009
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A word used to describe someone with a large afro when you see them from behind. The large afro giving the appearance of being the microphone head/foam and the body being the handle. This usually only applies to those skinny enough to look like the microphone handle, however.
Brian: "While walking in the mall the other day, a dude a few people in front of me was straight rocking The Microphone with a vengeance! Shit barely even bounced as he walked!"
by brianxymox January 14, 2012
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