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1. Something that is so overpowered,that it makes all other options look terrible.
2. Something that needs to be fixed.
1.Mega Rayquaza(Pokemon)is more broken than a shattered vase.Therefore,it makes other Mega Evolutions look useless.
2. I accidentally knocked over my vase,and now it needs to be fixed.
by The Guy of Enlightenment June 04, 2016
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when a person is so lost and depressed they can no longer function in society properly.
i got dumped by another guy. i'm so broken
by ireland20 March 28, 2008
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1. (General) Something/Someone that is so good in a particular context that it eclipses saecond place.

2. (Games) A game object or facility that is too good to exist. It is so powerful that it is unbalancing and hence breaks the game. Every winning player has to use this to be competitive.

Entymology: The power cards from Magic The Gathering (Black Lotus, Time Walk, Ancestral Recall, all Moxen, etc) were so powerful and unbalancing that they were eventually banned from tournament play because they BROKE the game.
Bobby Fisher is a completely broken chess player.

by Anonymous April 22, 2003
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1. Not in full working order.
2. fucked rooted
3. Mentally unfit - Usually from emotional scars left by ex's.
1. It seems to be broken.
2. Its fucking broken man!
3. She's broken.
by louis October 16, 2001
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When referring to a pet cat or dog that's been "fixed", they're actually broken. I mean, think about it...when a pet has its cunt cut out or has its nads chopped off, it is no longer capable of doing something that it was rather easily able to before -- that is, make kittens or puppies!
Yeah, Nikki has been broken; she got spayed approx. nine years ago and can no longer have little baby kitties.
by Telephony June 06, 2015
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Originally used in card games to designate a card or mechanic which is overly powerful. May also be used to describe something as "too good"
That Academy combo is fucking broken.

That is just plain broken dude.
by Cannibalguppy October 26, 2003
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