too fast is defined as when your need for speed is overcome by your fear of death
police officer- "don't you think you were driving a little too fast?"

driver- "No officer, i wasn't scared of dying yet."
by farmer_boy_1066 March 1, 2011
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A state of being supremely fast in relation to all other entities in the known and unknown universe.
You can't catch me, I'm TOO FAST!

None can match me for I am TOO FAST!
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Easily the most underrated Motley Crue album out there
Dude, Vince Neil’s voice is so high pitched in Too Fast for Love! How is it possible?
by AsheIsALoser1 November 1, 2018
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1. The title of a book that features punk rock legend, Sid Vicious.
2. "Too Fast To Live, Too Young To Die". A store in England that was later renamed "Sex". It was owned by Malcolm McLaren, and was where the Sex Pistols bought their clothing.
1. Read Sid Vicious's story in "Too Fast To Live".
2. The Sex Pistols shopped at "Too Fast To Live, Too Young To Die", renamed "Sex".
by Your Mom January 15, 2005
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The slogan of L.A. band Dark Angel, whose album Darkness Descends was the pinnacle of 80s thrash (Dave Lombardo doesn't have shit on Gene Hoglan's drumming). Unarguably the most badass slogan in metal history, and very fitting, as few other bands have hit 286 bpm in a song, or kept up at 200bpm for over 8 minutes.
Some thrash bands' music is too fast. Dark Angel's is 'too fast, my ass.'
by Red the Ghost June 27, 2010
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When you’re too drunk, and you go express idosyncrantic expressions to propogate truth
Yo i was smashed, i was talking too fast
by RLN33 December 5, 2017
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