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A cool guy , nice and calm at the same time, everyone loves him and he looks good
Maan i wanna be murtada so bad
by Mort April 20, 2019
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As you are about to finish having sex with a woman, you pull out and instead cream all over her favorite teddy bear. Originates from Paddington Bear, a cartoon TV show.
"Man, she never saw that Ambush Paddington coming! Mr. Sniffles was in the wash all week!"
by Mort March 21, 2005
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Sataian is the philosophical opponent of Jesaaron.
He has the Evil powers one would expect of the anti-Christ.
He also enjoys walking on the beach, maintaining his website, and music.
Oh, yeah, and he plans to bring about the apocalypse.
Sataian has created a wikipedia entry on Jesaaron, much to his annoyance.
by Mort May 7, 2005
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I took an extra helpin of haggus and my Pa turned into a rippin' angus!
by Mort March 12, 2003
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How Rosie she looks.
by Mort June 8, 2004
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(adj.) - Coined by the infamous Evan Trask in one of his wilder moments of inspiration. Generally taken to mean something which is not only broken, but completely wrecked in a comical fashion. Can also be applied figuratively to a person who is acting strangely (see: Jordan Burch)
Man 1: "Ow, I punched myself in the face, and now my brain is borken!"
Man 2: "You're an idiot, Matt"
by Mort June 13, 2004
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A true being of his times...a man that has beaten Steven Shaw to a bloody pulp, and has come back for more...he discovered a small island off the shore about 106 miles from Stein's Crib...he harvests his own batch of mushrooms, where he trips balls...hey Al.
Weisberg...lemme beast on that cupcake that your mom made?
by Mort December 18, 2003
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