The greatest fragging-type game ever, for PS2.
Bond is the shit. Halo is a fucking joke.

by Super Thug February 05, 2004
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2) To perv it up until you get caught and then continue after you are caught.
Dude, I cant beleive you just "Bonded" that chick
by 80634 July 05, 2011
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adj; synonym for cool or awesome
(You see something cool in a movie.)

by mrz September 30, 2007
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The best freaking crime fighter in all the land, anyone will fall for him.
Look at his bulging muscles and his kick ass moves! He must be a Bond
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by caidanb7 October 25, 2017
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1. Usually something related to the James Bond movies.
2. A really huge bong.
3. An annoyingly long fart.
"Hey, have you seen Bond around?"
"She's probably raping little children."
by pickleface. October 29, 2007
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treasury bonds, corporate bonds american paper that urbanites would never buy under 40.
stocks , bonds , fed paper, CD's, options.
Man don't talk bonds to me. Just 3,000,000 Big Mac bugers with cheese now your talkin..
by itichie_nocanpo November 03, 2006
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Someone that has the last name of, bonds yet there not related to him at all. There whole life they hear Sh*tty jokes about James Bond, yet there last name is bonds.
Everyone: "Hey james hows it going?"
Bonds: "Shut the f*ck up. Im tired of these sh*tty jokes, if someone says one more "JAMES BOND" Joke I'm gonna kill myself."

End of example.
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by coconot13 July 04, 2017
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