What your mom screams when I am fucking her.
by SweetDoggyM November 10, 2015
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deeper is a person who thinks deep all the time.
-pants without t is just pans...
-lol, you're such a deeper.

-what if the two e's in bee are actually silent?
-stop thinking so deep, you deeper!
by stopeatingpants December 9, 2020
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when u want you're boyfriend travis to go deeper😋
bf travis " i love you"

me " deeper travis deeper
by that one girl ;) December 29, 2022
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When describing the real DJ Hanzel
Dillon - "Yo Hanzel, so what happened yesterday at the MDBP?" DJHanzel - "More like MDPeiceOfShitParty! That was the first party that I've played in my life, I went one deeper, so hard that Diplo got scared and kicked me off, piece of shit!"

"Nobody will ever go deeper than DJ Hanzel, that guy slept for 6 days straight"

"DJ Hanzel is one that does not simply go too deep"
by Lost monkey lounge October 2, 2013
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Johnny Deeper is a fictional young boy who appears in a number of sexually explicit anecdotes referred to as "Johnny Deeper Jokes". These stories are passed around elementary school age males, and may to many represent first exposure to sexually themed humor.

Most stories center around the character Johnny Deeper fornicating with teachers or being vulgar in the classroom; hence the series enduring popularity with the age group. Some jokes are very simple and play only off Johnny's surname, while others, far more complex, just represent Johnny as a vulgar, but ultimately innocent and loveable elementary school student.
Little Johnny Deeper's mother comes home and catches him on his girlfriend and yells, "Johnny Deeper" and Johnny replies "Gee Mom, I'm in as deep as I can go".
by Darker August 12, 2010
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Building or digging upwards in order to increase an objects depth.
Guys I think we have to build this thing Up-Deeper in order to increase it's depth (Minecraft).
by Verseppe June 13, 2019
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A word used in intercourse where a female shouts to the male about how hard she wants him to cum into her pussy, so that they would have children.
by .-CouldYouStop-. November 29, 2017
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