What remains in the toilet after I eat tacos.
Person 1: "Yeah I just ate Taco Bell and took a massive dump."

Person 2: "So did I!"
by iStrewdle July 18, 2015
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a. intransitive verb.
1. To defecate
2. To end a relationship usu. one of a romantic nature
3. To empty the clip of one's firearm usu. a handgun
4. To empty a large amount of substance at once as if defecating
5. Automobiles: To dump the clutch is to release the clutch very quickly without accompanying acceleration increase usu. causing the automobile to stall or otherwise jerk.
6. To post the entire contents of something where it may not typically be feasible to do so

b. transitive verb
1. To have been removed from a relationship usu. of a romantic nature
c. noun
1. An unattractive person usu. female

2. Feces; Stool; Excrement
3. Material not to be considered true; see Bullshit
1. Ah Phillip, I just took a huge dump and now I feel great!
2. Yeah I dumped that fat bitch last night and now I feel great!
3. Eyo Phillip, I dumped on that nigguh you was telling me about and now I feel great!
4. You just dumped the whole tub of chlorine down the drain you idiot!
5. Make sure you don't dump the clutch when you're starting up a hill.
6. ITT dubs picks which folder I dump.


1. Hey Trish! I'm really sorry about you and Matt, I heard you got dumped over some football team.

1. Dude, that fat bitch over there is a total dump.
2. Holy crap! Did you see the dump in the second stall? It's got to be at least 30 Keurigs.
3. Whatever Michael everyone knows you never nailed Stacey's mom, that's a load of dump.
by CosmicHandGrenade May 29, 2015
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To refer to a place or setting that is in poor condition or standards.
"Have you seen John's new apartment?" "Yeah, that place is a DUMP!"
by EdinaGuy August 20, 2008
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To shoot your gun, usually at your enemy
Nigga we just got off that who ride, I was hang-en out the window dumpen on fools.
by Cap10kill March 18, 2013
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