Thighs and buttocks that are above average in size and have a attractively round shape. Commonly used in the phrase "she's got dumps in the truck," meaning she has a big ass and thighs.
Person 1: Yo check out that chick right there...she gotta nice ass yo..
Person 2: Damn, that bitch got some dumps in the truck.
Person 3: Word
by Stunna April 14, 2003
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A word used to describe a person/object/situation that is definitely not even good. Often used in a situation where a boring person makes a boring statement or is just generally being a fail.
"I am soo smashed" said sober Ben. "Who's this kid?!" stated Carly, pointing at Ben. "Indeed, he is most worst like", replied Jen. "Mmm indeed, he is really dump" Carly agreed.
by massive rory July 18, 2010
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something you leave in the toilet and not take it
"I am going to take a dump."
"No you arent You are going to leave it."
by Leaver of dumps January 10, 2008
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To refer to a place or setting that is in poor condition or standards.
"Have you seen John's new apartment?" "Yeah, that place is a DUMP!"
by EdinaGuy August 20, 2008
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