Thighs and buttocks that are above average in size and have a attractively round shape. Commonly used in the phrase "she's got dumps in the truck," meaning she has a big ass and thighs.
Person 1: Yo check out that chick right there...she gotta nice ass yo..
Person 2: Damn, that bitch got some dumps in the truck.
Person 3: Word
by Stunna April 14, 2003
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something you leave in the toilet and not take it
"I am going to take a dump."
"No you arent You are going to leave it."
by Leaver of dumps January 10, 2008
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To refer to a place or setting that is in poor condition or standards.
"Have you seen John's new apartment?" "Yeah, that place is a DUMP!"
by EdinaGuy August 20, 2008
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