-I am moving out to the country
-Oh word?

-I would never kiss a fat chick
-Oh word?
by dameUnBesssso June 28, 2010
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Expression of satisfaction when something good happens
That nigga's got a four foot bong, oh word!
by T Spincrack June 27, 2006
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typically used sarcastically when being presented with the same information multiple times.
Guy 1: Remember that time I yelled "Kobe" and scored from the corner on a buzzer beating 3 pointer?
Guy2: Oh word? Not like I heard this story 70 times.
by cheeekkyyy December 2, 2014
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A combination of the popular terms, “oh”, and “word”, oh word is one of the most modern, intricate and useful slang terms today.

Let’s break this down: “oh” is a phrase used to verbally react at something. Oh is often used in “bruh Moment” situations.

Ex: friend: hey I think I fucked your mom

you: oh

Now onto “word”. Word is a slang term that derived from the phrase, “is that the word?”, which is a popular Philly term originally used by inmates. The phrase was used to lightly question the legitimacy of what a persons saying. The phrase eventually dwindled down to just “word” and is often used in similar contexts as “facts”. “word” and “facts” are used to convey understanding and/or agreement in what the other person is saying.

Ex: friend: bro I got a new job, 100K salary

Other friend: word

So when you put “oh” and “word” together, you have a phrase that displays a bruh moment while mutually demonstrating agreement and/or understanding in reaction to a conversation or situation.

Ex: you: Hey Dad I’m a homosexual

your dad: oh word, pack your shit and get out of the house

In conclusion, “oh word” is a phrase that everybody can use to demonstrate agreement and/or understanding with just about any moment.
Oh word, I put the examples in the fucking text up in that 🅱️
by BigMikeMikeMikeMikeMikeMike August 5, 2019
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when you're with the boys and your homie asks you to cuddle
by brad.davis88s September 30, 2019
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Expression of something you like and/or think is cool, attractive, or sweet
The Bills just won the superbowl, Oh word!!!!!
by DJ D Rad October 27, 2009
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an inherently sexually connotated term that is perfect for sarcastic flirting.
boy: ur def a good kisser
girl: oh word?
by fawthy December 24, 2021
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