Something/one you can't live without.
My boyfriend is my everything and much more.
by JustTina December 23, 2005
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' My Everything ', Ariana Grande's second studio album, released in August 25th of 2014. It debuted on the top of Billboard's top 200 in the United States, selling 169K copies of the album itself in the first week it was released to the public, making it Ariana's second consecutive chart-topper, soon later after the album was released, it was certified double platinum. Billboard marking it as one of the most popular album of the 2010's, 2014 and 2015. It's song appears in alot of year-end best music lists of 2014. In the 57th Grammy Awards, it was nominated for 'Best Pop Vocal Album'. It didn't win, but in the 61st Grammys, her 4th studio album, 'Sweetener', won the award.
" Oh! Ariana has released a new album! "
" What is it called? "
" My Everything! "
by psitionz November 15, 2022
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word that describes Bobby, he completes me and i could not live without him.
Bobby, you are my everything
by Ashley May 19, 2004
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My everything is the most amazing, breath takingly beautif,funny, sexy. Smart intelligent, classie, SOPHisticated woman you have ever set your eyes upon/my bestfriend,, my lover, my soulmate, my babies mum (to be), my supermodel,my pornstar, my fantasy girl, myone, my only,. MY EVERYTHING!!

someone that's all that you've ever searched for, wanted, dreamt of, constantly thinking about.
Sophie maree Clare= my everything/ 100% pure perfection
by Your big boi August 8, 2019
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My everything is when you love someone and you will do anything for them you will stay with them you will be there's for ever ...
by Queen💬 October 30, 2019
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when no matter what the person dose you will always be there for them. that if you lose them it will feel like such a big part of your life is gone. when a boy says "your my everything baby" they usally mean it.
boy: babe....

girl: yea??

boy: your my everything...

girl: really??

boy: yes i will do any thing to keep you and if i lost you my life wouldnt ever be the same.
by asnyder15ox February 14, 2009
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