Verb; gerund or present participle:bounding; Noun; bonding

Something that didn't happened;
Something you don't remember happening;
"we had a bonding moment, I cradled you in my arms! "
"nope, don't remember, didn't happen"
by JamiCacti December 02, 2017
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To act or possess similar qualities as James Bond. James Bond is super smooth with double O status. Women want him and men want to be him, he is a true playa for real. This guy sleeps with at least 3 girls per movie, gets shot at a million times and doesn’t get hit. If you have some stuff, or do some stuff like James Bond, then you’re bonding.
"That guy gets all the girls - Bonding!", "Last night I took home a smokin hot girl back to my suit in the Bahamas - Bonding!", "I had a sex with four women last night - Bonding!", "I have a car with a missile launcher built in - Bonding!", "I run the streets - Bonding!"
by Richard Martin December 04, 2007
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To apply Gold Bond Medicated Powder to the genitalia of the male, or female, body (generally male). Bonding leaves the user with a cooling sensation, a feeling of complete satisfaction as if the user has accomplished something of great magnitude, AND prevents chafing. Bonding with friends is a great way to spend any weekend night, and is a prerequisite to ANY action-filled night with the ladies. For best results (if male), "poof" onto hand and use a cupping motion around testicles and move your way up the rest of the genitalia. Bond no more than 3-4 times a day and APPLY GENEROUSLY. After all, what's the point of Bonding if you don't "FEEL THE BUZZ?!"
"Yo Tim, I don't know what you're doing tonight but there's a Bonding party at my house. We've got 3 bottles of Extra Strength Gold Bond (GB). Instant Message me if you're in!"
by Nate Dizzle August 06, 2005
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The act of slathering Gold Bond on your balls, with a group of men, and dabbing water on it to get a nice cooling sensation.
"yo dude, wanna go bonding"
"hell yea, just don't get it on the tip of your dick"
"Yea, don't want it to sting there, hahah"
by Dankest Memer April 16, 2016
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To form a close emotional attachment with your homie or anyone specifically.
Also: A shared closeness with another person.
Hey bro how do you bond with yo homeboys.
Answer: Main bru me and my niggas bond by going to the strip club and watching bitches strip or we get together and watch football on Sundays, especially when the Cowboys play.
Damn that's a dope way to bond with yo niggas G.
Preciate it foo.
by Always Discreet October 24, 2016
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Moving around like James Bond. Walking along walls, rolling around on the floor, diving through doorways, etc. It's designed for stealth but generally makes more noise than just walking.
Stoner One: Dude we can grab munchies in the kitchen but my mom's asleep so be quiet

Stoner Two: Gotcha man, I'll bond it.begins to hum bond theme

by Glenside21 July 17, 2005
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an elevated form of the word closeness, but with much stronger annotations.
Our bondness is deeper than anything that exists between even my closest friends. You are my everything.
by Sedamian April 24, 2010
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