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Me: Yo, where Bob at? wasn't he supposed to be here?

Other guy: Yea but he's bojangling, he'll be here soon
by masterpuppy July 21, 2010
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1 to chill out
2 casually make your way somewhere.
so what have you been up to?
oh you know, just bojangling

i'll just bojangle my way on over to student union for a grilled cheese.
by Pachunka April 26, 2006
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adverb: Description for a promiscuous set who have a defined 'relationship' but are not an official couple. For this reason, the term provides clarity, while also ironicly providing intentional ambiguity of the nature of said 'relationship'.

The term is derived from the frequency of these sets to arrive at Bojangles from the 10am-1pm range during any given weekend that follows a night of heavy drinking which leads to afore mentioned promiscuous choices. The act is driven by the desperate thirst for sweet tea, and not caring who sees the two of you at bojangles because the need for a hangover cure is so great

These sets typically arrive only as a pair and both in pajamas and sandals. The ladies of this set also typically sport mens shirts and pony tails.
setting: 11:30am, Saturday morning, apartment complex.

dude 1: Hey man, is Hillary still going out with Trevor?
dude 2: No they broke up last week, why?
dude 1: Ahhhh, I went to grab some food and saw her with Chad. Are they dating?
dude 2: No...I dont think so.
dude 1:
dude 2: Sounds like it!
by mrcrescentfresh August 21, 2006
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Taking your sweet time and procrastinating on getting stuff done or arriving to the meeting spot.
Friend: Aye where's Brandon at?
Me: Oh you know him he always be bojangling, he'll be here soon.
by ItsGravyDavey October 01, 2017
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Being stupid/dumb and also sometimes fat
jem decided that she would be a bo jangler if she really ate the whole box of oreos

i mean, look at her..
by tae March 14, 2005
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Fetish act of inserting ones testicles into the anus. Can be done to yourself, or a third party can be involved.
Man: "Bojangle me, bitch"
Woman: "What are you talking about?!"
Man: "Stuff my balls into my ass...right now!"
Woman: "Oh! Is that what that what we did to Lewis Atkinson at the party? I didn't know it was called Bojangling."
by Ben & Drew November 07, 2013
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