shorts that are worn under your jeans or pants, sometimes with a pair of underwear to make you look hot.
Yo, when i take my wife beata off, you can see my tighty whitys and my basketball shorts coming outta the top of my saggin' jeans.
by fly-dawg September 22, 2005
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Also known as athletic shorts, shorts worn primarily by teenage boys and basic straight men who have no wardrobe. Likely paired with a tee shirt and name brand athletic shoes that are incredibly overpriced.
1) "Do you own anything other than basketball shorts?!"

"Yeah, I have sweatpants too!"
by patricko1999 March 5, 2017
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Whenever you are wearing basketball shorts with no underwear and people notice you pitching a tent.
Bryton: “Dude, do you have a boner?”
Caden: “I have a basketball shorts boner!”
by Caden and Bryton December 24, 2021
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Worn by basic white boys and black thug boys. They usually wear it with white or black tube socks. With white Air Forces or Crocs. Mostly just straight men wear this item clothing. It's very weird and embarrassing to say the least.
Basketball shorts are weird and need to be cancelled.
by Nono 23 July 6, 2020
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