Your abdomen is the part of your body below your chest where your stomach and intestines are.
He was suffering from pains in his abdomen
by TaeHae Kim June 12, 2008
Foquan: That guy over there eating the hamburger's a real abdomenal snowman.
Mike: heheheh that's hilarious. Hope he doesn't have a heart attack while we're here.
by summerfreeze December 15, 2014
having 6-Pack abs
i've been working out at the gym latly so now im sporting an armored abdomen
by Sandman5620 August 30, 2010
person in question has just been knocked up, but does not know this yet.
Shirly: I have abdomenal pain.

Matt: Bietch, you're pregnant.
by The real WEB MD September 6, 2008