A sandwich consisting of two pieces of bread, generally white, lightly toasted, and a piece of melty cheese, usually American or Cheddar, placed between them. Highly tasty.
I love grilled cheese sandwiches.
by 'Annony' June 1, 2005
Any situation in which a man's ejaculate resembles the "cheese" between any two "bread-like" objects as with a grilled cheese sandwich, especially when slowly pulled apart.
"Man, that wet dream wouldn't have been so awkward had I not been naked and had to get a spatula to peel my sheet from my mattress. I grilled cheese-d that shit. Just like Mom used to make."
by erkslbrg February 28, 2010
A woman's (vagina) who has been worked the night before and has had the (Cum) left inside her where it becomes hard to pry open the next morning like a grilled cheese sandwich

This condition tends to happen during extremely hot sex the night before and waking up to a colder environment which makes it sticky/goey like cheese
Judy and I had great sex last night and we were going to go for round two in the morning but I couldn't fit it in because of her grilled cheese.
by Jason Bank October 18, 2007
Used to describe a female of bad taste, hygeine, or sluttiness. Opening her legs would be like peeling apart a grilled cheese sandwich
I slept with Jeri last night, and I had to stop, being I realized she didn't shower for a week...she was such a grilled cheese.
by Eileen V August 7, 2005
When you fuck your partner so hard and hot you end up swaping a lot of sweet and cum in the process. Perfect for cold weather.
It was reallly fucking cold but then I grilled cheese my GF and I feel so much better now.
by PuertoricanLion October 20, 2015
When pulled apart, grilled cheese looks exactly like old poontang
Syxxpakk would really like to get a piece of Proxi's grilled cheese
by cyxelsid July 30, 2003
One who fucks a pussy so fast that it gets hot. Then you place a slice of Kraft's Sliced Cheese on the pussy until it starts to melt. Then you eat it out.
This guy was a total perv last night, he tried the grilled cheese?
by brycestep April 29, 2009