can be used to answer any questions somebody asks. does not matter what the question is.
doctor: do u have any history of diseases in your family
Patient: Oh you know
by matts a pothead February 19, 2009
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Something scene kids say. I'm not sure why, but they do. Often used to be promiscuous about where they stashed their bandanas or something.
"Have you ever spent the night at his house?"
"Oh you know."


"Which bandana did you buy?"
Oh you know.
by tBQ November 4, 2006
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is like a filler and can be placed instead of words such as "mhm" "yup", and can basically be a reply to anything.

-"Wow you are so cool!"
-"oh you know"

-"Damn you pulled an all-nighter before the exam?"
-"oh you know"
by Coolpersonforever April 29, 2009
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When a person just knows
DATBOI: man where is that chainsaw been looking for it all game

"Bottom left hand corner of the map" oh you know is it !
by The Cringe Club July 27, 2016
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A colloquial phrase predominantly used by the millennial and hipster crowd, referring to an underlying, shared, or assumed understanding between the speaker and the listener. It's used to announce that the speaker had a realization on a previous subject.
Tristan: "oh you know what"
Tristan: "I think I know why"
Tristan: "yup we're good"
by Amesbury Company July 24, 2023
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Something louder than anything and whishlist karlson so it will be release
Dani:Oh you don't know what karlson is?
by Mamanams August 8, 2021
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Karlson is just a little game Dani's working on, Its currently the 12th most wishlisted game on steam so smash wishlist now so we can get to the number one spot GAMERS!!
Guy 1: "Bro have you heard of karlson?"
Guy 2: "Yeah have you?"
Guy 1: "Nah man, I've never seen this"
Guy 2: "Oh you don't know what Karlson is? Karlson is just a li-"
by Qutex December 13, 2021
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