To express authentic physical or emotional reactions when viewing or participating in an event.
I bobble every time LeBron scores a 3!
by BobbleSports June 27, 2020
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When giving a blowjob, Male pushes partner's head down to go deeper. (This causes a bobble-head effect or a bobbing for apples effect)
Last night, Ed bobbled me. I choked-I hate when that happens.
by Claire Swanson April 05, 2008
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Slang term used for a blowjob.

Oral sex. Gender neutral.
1.i haven't gotten ne bobble in a long time.

2.she gives some BOMB ASS bobble
by dupri August 25, 2004
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1. someone who is overly ditzy to the point of not knowing what’s going on around them
2. someone who is tremendously psychotic and slightly ditzy
3. the act of being out of it when thinking of/seeing someone one likes
Emmy was being a bobble at the diner, she spilled her shake on some poor guy

Lucy was being such a bobble the other night because she saw Jim.
by lotuspanda March 15, 2008
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To flick a woman's nipple with the tongue very rapidly in order to achieve nipple erection.
She wouldn't let me fuck her right away, so I fingered her clam and bobbled her tits.
by ziptied April 02, 2003
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an australian male with huge foreskin and likes getting naked constantly and enjoys a lot of drungs and alchol
( bobble can fit a fifty cent coin in his fore skin
by cock skin. September 05, 2008
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