Emmy is a very nice girl. She has self respect. Has brown eyes, dark brown hair, and a big o'booty. She's funny. She's very loyal to all her friends especially to her boyfriend. She's the type of girl you wouldn't want to mess with. Emmy can kill a bitch for the ones she loves. She's chill to talk to and has a great sense of humor. Her boyfriend is lucky to have her in his life. She is athletic. She's crazy, optimistic and gorgeous.
That girl has a big o'emmy.
by Big booty Bisho December 26, 2013
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Emmy well shes that bitch.! She can eat a lot but is still a skinny legend. She has more friends then you can count. Many are jealous of how tall she is. But she doesn’t care because she loves attention!! She tend to be very modest even tho she can pull off anything she wants to! She’s funny and a great person, you would be lucky to have an Emmy, Emmys not all nice tho she has a mean side. She’s really good at drop 🦵🏿 people into the ground. All the guys want her she has bootiful freckles and brown hair that always smells good. And best of all she always know the best snacks...💋💋
Kyle: I wish I had an Emmy!

Grayson: naw man she mine forever
by Yeye04 April 30, 2019
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A kind, caring and beautiful girl who loves her friends deeply. Someone you can count on, vent to, do all loads of whatever with. Emmy is the type of person to go feral if you don’t appreciate yourself and will always try and sway your mind, even if it takes hours. Nobody is perfect but Emmy gets pretty close.
Guy 1: Hey bro hows Emmy doing?
Guy 2: Oh you know, perfect as always.
by Trickyplays_dx October 16, 2019
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A very amzing person, that loves everyone:) her nick names are taco and emmy;P Emmy loves her friends and cares about them alot;0
Hannah: i love Emmy!<3
by emmy;o September 20, 2012
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Beautiful, Funny, probably has a boyfriend, dark hair, has a small obsession with cats, likes music... a little bit, good friend, confident, kind, good student, smiler. :)
My Friend Emmy is a very kind person. She likes to have fun.
by Chorus Buddyyy January 10, 2012
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A girl who you will meet when in a band. She is blonde and courageous and has a voice of an angel. She is one of those people who when you think about, you're like "should I keep this person or let them go" and once you've decided, they're already asking you for a reed (because they play clarinet in the band you met them at).
Band kid: You see that Emmy chick in the clarinet section?
Other band kid: Yeah she asked me for a reed and I'm a trumpet!
by Tatofriend May 23, 2018
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