Amar is a sweet, kind-hearted and amazing person. They have a really sweet voice and are a really good singer and can make you happy just in little seconds by singing a song for you their sweet voice. They are great friends and if you have them as a bestfriend in your life, you better feel lucky about that. They don’t get annoyed or angry easily because they are really nice and sweet. The person like him are so rare and precious that you should just keep them in your life if you found them.... cuz they make it beautiful just by being in it💕
Lol idk how to use amar in a sentence
by Gurleen🤪 July 16, 2019
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It is the coolest guy on earth at first he is a bit weird but then when you get to know each other well he would do anything for you and he is such a loyal friend he is strong but hardly ever shows it he is smart but he is giving zero f*cks in school and his grades do not matter to him he has a huge dick and has the most beautiful eyes you have ever seen and he has a huge general knowledge
Hey you see that guy over there?

What guy ?

That cute one.

Ohh that one he looks definitly like an Amar.
by Cupoooo May 26, 2018
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“Amar” literally means “the moon” in “Arabic” and it weird why people use it, but it describes someone that is very beautiful or just all in all a wholesome person
My love, don’t say that your amar
“I saw this girl yesterday next to me in class and she was amar”
“How are you this Amar, GOD”
by Arab Thelonius July 29, 2020
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A sexy guy who could pull any bitch on earth and is very strong and can hoop a Amar is a really good and lit friend but beware he might take your bitch and he has a 10 inch dick and can bang 10 girls 247 without getting tired.
Amar was so lit yesterday
by Athmar March 31, 2017
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Amar is the coolest guy you will ever meet
She Amared me in the car last night
by Colin Stylis May 9, 2008
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The sexiest person you will every meet in your life. He’s always pulling girls and is a great boyfriend.
by sbidhg September 5, 2018
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An Indian word meaning immortal. A really good friend.
i will become Amar if i drink this potion.
by Horticulture December 18, 2007
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