A sexy guy who could pull any bitch on earth and is very strong and can hoop a Amar is a really good and lit friend but beware he might take your bitch and he has a 10 inch dick and can bang 10 girls 247 without getting tired.
Amar was so lit yesterday
by Athmar March 30, 2017
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An Indo-Aryan word of Sanskrit origin meaning Immortal, Eternal, Forever-lasting. Is commonly used for males of Hindu background. 'Amar' is also more likely to be popular as a first name.

Alternatively, is also used (but not as common) amongst Semitic and Latin people (spelt and pronounced differently though). In Arabic: from 'Qamar' meaning of the moon, and from the Spanish 'Amor' meaning to love.
Maharaja Amar I ruled a vast Hindu empire from the tip of Southern India to the mountainous regions of Afghanistan.
by ujjaindisciple February 06, 2010
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The sexiest person you will every meet in your life. He’s always pulling girls and is a great boyfriend.
by sbidhg September 05, 2018
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a guy who's very dumb and sexy, he sometimes touched me in mosque it was sad.
He has very micro pp he tried sex me.he loves to say fuck bogalja
via giphy
by PUSSYDESTROYER59 September 07, 2018
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