Ed is short for Edward Edminton and Edvard.

Eds tend to be very athletic and mature enjoying sports and music and generally being very good at both.

Eds as boyfriends are loving, sweet, great in bed, and not stingy when it comes to presents.

Although eds can be hotheaded, they are also hardworking, loyal and have an amazing sense of humour making them great friends to have.

"Hey who is that guy?"
"He's my friend Ed"
"Awh he must be cool"

"Ive got an amazing boyfriend called ed"
by KMON2492 April 18, 2009
when someone calls you ed it means you're dumb or slow. Like special education
"Yo you play league? That's terrible"
"What are you saying! Have you ever even played before"
"Nah bro it's stupid"
"You're so Ed"
by Janey Dow February 19, 2015
The person Nick stole the bagel from.
"Fuck you, Nick, that bagel was mine!"
"Fuck you Ed!" Nick replied
by Nick The Bagel Stealer October 29, 2019
Look at that guy, hes acting like an Ed.
by dalej88 May 22, 2008
Ed is a definition for erectile disfunction which is when the penis does not blow up which makes you to able to have 👉👌(sex).

It can also be a person with the name of Ed

Ed is a young man who has been diagnosed with acne and if he lets his beard grow has a goatee.
Ed's beard looks like pubes.
by TheCornDealer September 9, 2019
Abbreviation for Eating Disorder. Used as a name for the internal voice in the head of an Eating Disorder patient that says to practice disordered behaviors. "Ed" was made well known by the book "Life Without Ed" by Jenni Schaefer.
Ed, you are a liar. You are manipulative, and I will get away from you. "Life Without Ed" p. 8
by Justsaynotoed January 18, 2008