61 definitions by lotuspanda

nickname for a peculiar style of hair favored by middle-aged balding males who are attempting to disguise the fact that they ARE losing their hair; appear to have a brillo pad on the top of their heads
oh man, that dude needs a reality check, he's such a brillo!
by lotuspanda March 15, 2008
people who will see a conspiracy in everything; skully
Those tools down at the Bunny Hutch are all area 51ers
by lotuspanda March 15, 2008
1. a person or thing with hippie or tree-hugging tendencies; someone stuck in the 60s and/or 70s, usually a stoner or former stoner

2. a person who is totally into the 'green earth' movement that recycles, buys organic foods, and picks up others' trash
Did you see all the peeps at the music festival? They were all earthy churchy and shit.
by lotuspanda March 15, 2008
A period in time when you act like a geriatric citizen by saying ‘oh dear’ or have a conniption fit because you didn’t watch ‘your program’
Sophie! I just had a grandma moment because I didn't get to watch Wheel.
by lotuspanda March 13, 2009
the frantic behavior of a person who cannot decide what to wear for a party, date, or other event which usually involves the dispensation of the whole wardrobe across the room in total dismay.
Sorry I'm late! I had a costume drama situation
by lotuspanda March 15, 2008
said to make someone go away; to leave. Often used when angry at a specific person
I'm so sick of your bullshit Simon! Why don't you just delete yourself!!
by lotuspanda March 15, 2008
to ‘stick to’ someone like Velcro; always with the same people all the time
Amy is such a cro, she never leaves my side
by lotuspanda March 15, 2008