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when a chick has a dude whipped and she doesn't give him any play. originates from the greek "blu-" meaning bruised, and the latin "ballus" meaning balls. definition comes from the way that his balls get bruised from being tempted over and over, but never actually getting the goods.
friend: you are over at your girl's house all the time, she must really put out.
whipped: no, actually she doesn't.
friend: she is really blueballing you.
by friend May 14, 2003
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A figure of speech used when on hold or waiting for something. This comes from the term blue balls but used in everyday situations not related to sex.
Damn. I've been waiting for that amazon package for a whole week. UPS is blue balling me.

We had a date scheduled since Monday and she flaked out last minute. She is blue balling me heart.

I've been sitting in this plane for the last 2 hours waiting for the captain to start the engines. American Airlines is blue balling me.
by rogerthewhale January 21, 2013
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1. A painful sensation felt when a man is constantly aroused without ejaculating or when ejaculating three or four times over a short period

2. The painful feeling of all your sperm fighting their way out of your penis, usually occurs when girl stops during sexual intercourse before the man ejaculates
1. Last night I was in the middle of banging Amy when her parents came in, I was blue balling for an hour after that.

2. Have you ever tried to wank off as many times as you could and until it hurts... that is blue balling
by Dick Ng January 29, 2009
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To tease something or someone into expecting something that doesn't actually happen, most commonly used in reference to when a guy thinks he's gonna get laid but ends up getting none (see Blue Balls
"Are you actually gonna do it this time or are you just blue balling again?"
by SolSightWard June 14, 2018
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the act or sexual pleasing a man (or shemale) in some way, and then right before he/she is about to orgasm, you squeeze the base of the penis until it goes limp. heard to be quite painful.
"Dude i got this chick to give me a hand job but she ended up blueballing me and my balls have been in pain 2 days after that."
by Equilangular Fiestrabration January 05, 2007
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To screw over your friends in a way that breaks the first law of man. Bros before hos.
Guy 1: Hey dude I'll be over for beers later...oh sheite just got a text from Emily...I'll see you tomorrow

Guy 2: Your freaking blue balling me!
by Bill-o July 06, 2008
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