when a chick has a dude whipped and she doesn't give him any play. originates from the greek "blu-" meaning bruised, and the latin "ballus" meaning balls. definition comes from the way that his balls get bruised from being tempted over and over, but never actually getting the goods.
friend: you are over at your girl's house all the time, she must really put out.
whipped: no, actually she doesn't.
friend: she is really blueballing you.
by friend May 14, 2003
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to ditch, leave in the dust, break plans, hose, etc.
You totes blueballed me last night! Where were you?
by McCulloch Mailroom July 21, 2005
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the act or sexual pleasing a man (or shemale) in some way, and then right before he/she is about to orgasm, you squeeze the base of the penis until it goes limp. heard to be quite painful.
"Dude i got this chick to give me a hand job but she ended up blueballing me and my balls have been in pain 2 days after that."
by Equilangular Fiestrabration January 6, 2007
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blueballing (n/v) exaggeration of a film or TV show's ratings based largely or entirely on "blue" zip code political sympathies of the reviewers
Amy Schumer could read the phone book on stage and Rotten Tomatoes would give her 99 percent rating for trashing some mean ex-boyfriend. They've been blueballing anything she does.
by Content-ment411 October 10, 2019
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The most excruciating pain you can experience while still having your balls intact. It happens when you've had an erection for a long time, but never achieved orgasm. If your cratch brushes the slightest bit against anything, it feels like they've been hit with a hammer.
She jerked me around for a few hours, but every time I was about to blow my load, she stopped. Now I've the worst blueballs ever.
by Pimpalicious March 24, 2005
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1: In reality, it's bringing a male close to climax (close enough where his testicles get filled with seminal fluid and semen), but not letting him get rid of the built-up sex juices.
The resulting inundation causes extreme discomfort and pain, lasting for hours.
See also blue ball
2: In slang terms, it's the expectation and tremendous build-up of getting something you want, only to find that you're not going to get it in the end.
2: I'm sorry to blueball you, but remember how I said you're getting a Corvette, yeah, you're actually getting a Yugo...
by The horror...the horror... August 9, 2004
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a condition where your balls (testicles) ache. Occurs after a few days of abstinance or after being very sexually aroused for a period of time without coming to orgasm.
I've got blueballs today, I haven't blown a load in 5 days.

My live-in was just playin' with me last night; when I was ready to mount her she said no and went to sleep! I got sooo blueballed I jerked off on her back.
by Jake February 21, 2004
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