A adjective to indicate a male who is missing no part of his penis.
Bill has an intact penis.
Bill is intact.
by BryanJ March 4, 2005
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A penis which has not been circumcised.
When our baby boy was born we decided to leave his penis intact.
by Cappy1 June 8, 2004
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A noun to indicate a male whom is missing no part of his penis.
Sam is intact
by BryanJ October 8, 2003
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unphased by obstacles, totally on top of one's game.

related: on point
As in: "that kid picks up a new chick every week. his game is intact."
by abefsjeo132 February 4, 2009
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A msn/facebook/any social network contact that you've added to your list, but never talked to.
Jaz: Hey man, you got this bitch in your contacts?
Saint: Yeah, I accepted her long time ago, but she's an intact.
by Sainted October 20, 2008
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A male who has a foreskin.

As opposed to being WITHOUT a circumcision, intact is a positive not a negative connotation word to describe a natural status of human sexual anatomy. Uncut, uncircumcised, both being pejorative terms with connotations of the invalid asserted normality of genital mutilation (i.e circumcision)
"John is 100% intact!"

"So I went home with this guy and sadly he was circumcised, I was hoping he was intact."
by Yaoihavenreborn May 13, 2016
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giving someone an intact pop tab means that they now have to kiss you... no matter what
Person 1- here's an intact pop tab
person 2- ight lets make out now
by swaggysimp May 30, 2021
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