Da special "password" dat you hafta speak to get a guy to drop his trousers for you.
Most horny studs don't need a zip code from an attractive lady to get him to "bare da goods" to her... usually all she hasta do is drop her OWN drawers, and he's only too quick to reciprocate.
by QuacksO March 1, 2020
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Well known in a local area but not beyond. A little bit famous.
As a child, he dreamed of being greatnum great, but as time went on, he realized the best he could hope for was being zip code famous.
by goodmanjm September 16, 2009
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Bro Miley is a classic zip code hoe she’s for everyone in this town.
by Chrismatera February 9, 2020
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A term used to express that one is running an illegal business in the whole zip code. A way to flex how much coverage a person has around the area in which they are doing illegal business.
I was trapping out the zip code back in my day

Bro trapped out the zip code with his packs.
by swikthekandlewik November 13, 2021
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if your first girlfriend or boyfriend is in another post code or zip code then you can date another person in your same post/zip code
If your First girlfriend is in Brisbane and your in Sydney then you are able to go out with someone in your same post/zip Code or city without feeling bad. Known as the Post/Zip Code Rule
by Jack and Jill12 May 7, 2010
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When you dress like a fire hydrant and let someone in a dog costume pee on you.
My friend Steve got an Anthem Zip Code from a hooker the other day.
by Blaine Lake January 17, 2021
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