In the Wasteland from the Mad Max series a black thumb is someone who is extraordinarily gifted at maintaining and caring for motor vehicles
Tom Hardy: Are you a black thumb?
Nicolaus Hoult: Yes? I can keep her running
by Ghozty May 30, 2022
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A wannabe gardener who kills plants. Opposite of green thumb.
I have killed all the plants in my house. I must have a black thumb.
by Clifford D. September 13, 2006
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similar to green thumb, but further than plants. everything one touches turns to shit.
WTF you break EVERYTHING. Black thumb dude.
by mark fuckin g December 23, 2010
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A gang group in the south east side of Canada. Origanallly founded to herd black sheep, now help to protect the farmland.
"Man, those Black Thumbs are crazy!" Said Tommy
by group4eveer October 16, 2012
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A term for the inevitable black thumb received from pushing the ash down in a pipe
"My wife knows I started smoking again because of my black thumb, I always forget to wash it off!"
by InsaneJoker March 23, 2015
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A Black Thumb is the male equivalent of a black widow. It's a toxic, narcissistic man who is poisonous to everyone he encounters, much like Henry the VIII. His heart is black as the underworld, and he's as attractive as a thumb, hence black thumb.
Her: Are you still dating Killian?

Me: That guy is a black thumb, I'm embarrassed I ever dated him.
by Siouxsie Supertramp September 26, 2023
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One that constantly kills indoor plants. The opposite of having a green thumb.
Ann killed all her house plants. She has a black thumb.
by Bk102886 November 14, 2020
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