59 definitions by Siouxsie Supertramp

Actions completed while terribly upset that you have no memory the next day.
Sorry I sent that email about your similarities to a person with narcissistic personality disorder; I don't even remember it. Must've been an emotional blackout.
by Siouxsie Supertramp October 25, 2017
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A twisted sifter is a person who goes online for a specific topic but gets sucked into linkdiving and learns random facts.
So I went online to check my bank account and then I must've turned into a twisted sifter - did you know the density of Saturn is .69? I would actually float in water!
by Siouxsie Supertramp September 05, 2020
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Twitter Stickers are another name for a bumper stickers. They both convey an opinion in a minimum of words.
Me: Omg - that's hilarious - look at that guy's bumper sticker.
Him: What does it say:
Me: It says, "How am I driving? How does a car really work?. How does a loving God allow such much pain."
Him: Well we certainly knows where he stands. Bumper stickers - the original twitter!

Me. They're twitter stickers
by Siouxsie Supertramp November 24, 2020
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Like a gold digger, this person marries for money, but the catch is they have to be old to the point that they only two inches left
Me: Did you see that Amanda from high school married that rich dude with all that money and can only get around in a wheelchair.
Her: I'm thinking that she thinks he has only two inches left.
by Siouxsie Supertramp August 30, 2020
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Square dancing is code for married sex. Married sex is very unoriginal - You do this to me - 1,2, - I do that to you - 3,4
I need to get some strange. I'm tired of square dancing.
by Siouxsie Supertramp May 04, 2021
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The collection of artists that stay up night drinking Turkish coffee, for real, coffee.
As I distract myself from insomnia....I go online with the others, who paint, dream out loud, write novels, and sing, etc....we end up so much caffeine that we get tweaked out without drugs....and grab out next coffee. We're the sober tweakers #wickedsobah
by Siouxsie Supertramp August 15, 2021
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