3 definitions by InsaneJoker

A term for the inevitable black thumb received from pushing the ash down in a pipe
"My wife knows I started smoking again because of my black thumb, I always forget to wash it off!"
by InsaneJoker March 23, 2015
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The act of messing around, wreaking havoc, and otherwise being a nuisance.

Also the term 'wendell' can be replaced with any word, preferably cuss words. IE 'What the wendell did you do with my socks?!?'
James: 'dude, lets skip out of this gay play and go wendelling around!'


Jacob 'I did no homework last night, i just wendelled around for hours!'
by InsaneJoker May 13, 2011
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Dude, look at that tray tray over there, looks like she came straight from her trailer park.
by InsaneJoker May 3, 2011
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