1.) A term used by pasty white pastrami white folk to describe what they believe is a "dirtier" side of town. Often referring to themselves perhaps originating from that place.

2.) A cliche place thought to hold thugs and gangsters, something those two white folk in the pictures are definitely not, nor will ever experience as they live in a 3-story home with their parents who drive them to school in the suburbs every day in their Lexus SUV
Cracka in pic: dont fuck with the east side (lake rats bitch)

Homie: wtf, what is that an eagles claw to rep "east side"? you look like a lil bitch, go back home where yo momma pays fo all yo food, yo college education and shit, yall aint know the least bit about livin in a ghetto, you a pimply 14-year old punk-ass bitch
by Young Reezie January 24, 2008
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" could you please look at the east side, todd, the fact your gaze remains at my south side is unnerving..."
by Gideon Stargrave November 06, 2007
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We put a line on our maps to define east and west, but in reality everyone can be the east side to your location or the west... But i guess we usually mean by east as the 'primitive' side or undeveloped... so you find impulsive a priori norms, rather than sophisticated decisions.
"I am warning you, don't mess with my east side or you will get it all wrong!!!!"
by Jesyca April 25, 2016
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1. description of the "bad" part of town
2. invariable where the low income fmailies live
3. gang area or tough neighborhood
4. where one takes pride in growing up in a slum
Yo, East Side baby; don't fuck with my shit.
by Bud E Love May 07, 2003
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The most crazy,strongest gang in your town will kill any one that talks shit.the badest mutha fuckers.
The east dont let nothing slide
by Anonymous August 16, 2003
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The eastern part of San José, California. Known for its having lots of Mexican and Asian residents, as well as a high crime rate.

Places of interest in East SJ include Evergreen Valley College, Eastridge Mall, Chuck E Cheese's, and the infamous King and Story intersection.
I wanted to visit some friends in the East Side, but my mom didn't let me because I might get shot.
by G-Suck June 13, 2007
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