(n.) An expression used to describe someone's affinity/skill at gardening or growing plants.
Jillian has quite a green thumb; look at her tomato patch!
by Smkngmgc June 22, 2004
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when you are doing a girl from behind, and you about to ejaculate, you stab her in the back with a gardening spade.
Dude 1: "I think I am going to plant a garden for my girlfriend for our anniversary"
Dude 2: "Don't be such a pansy. Give her the green thumb"
by Theodis Bergstein June 21, 2006
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a big joint the size of a thumb
yo man last night i rolled a joint it was a fucking green thumb it had me fucked for hours.wee
by david mullins May 26, 2007
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A word used by gamers to indicate a button layout on an Xbox 360/Xbox controller. In this layout, the primary button (the shoot, punch, or accelerate button) is moved to the "A" key on the controller. Most gamers play this green "A" button with their thumb which started the phrase "green thumb"

It is a approved layout on the halo franchise.

Not to be mistaken for the definition for Green Thumb which means a person with a knack for gardenining.
"after playing all weekend, the right trigger on my controller broke. but i used my 1337 h4x skills to customize the button layout. I changed the shoot button to "A" and now I've been using the green thumb since.
by the IPH council February 25, 2009
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using one's thumb as a "butt plug"
I gave that chick a green thumb. She loved it.
by Jevus November 10, 2005
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a big joint the size of a thumb.
dude i just rolled a joint its a fucking green thumb
by dahimself May 19, 2007
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