The Aussie ghetto's supermarket. You can find all kind of dodgy goods, from spam to canned toiletpaper.
"Ay, mate. You goin' to farmland?"
"Yeaaah, mate. Gonna get some spaaam and caaanned toiletpaper."
by Alex Quantashassle May 30, 2005
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A situation in which farmland prices skyrocket due to speculation in the futures market in one or more crops. Asset bubbles form when too much money finds its way into one area of the market. The bubble is considered to be excessive, and, therefore, not sustainable in the long run.
Farmers are planting more and more corn, because the demand for ethanol is creating a farmland bubble by raising the value of their land to previously unheard of heights.
by Joe Rodolico April 4, 2007
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Between the valleys of El Cajon Blvd, snuggled between two depleting suburban homes, the Flea Farmland stands tall with glistening pride echoing off the stucco exterior. Home to eight to ten stunning broads, the house holds title of San Diego State University's pride and joy.
"Have you been to church recently?"
"Yes, I was just at the Flea Farmland"
by Ag84842 February 2, 2023
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