A kid who is does not take shit from anyone and does not like when people make references to the alcoholic beverages that carries his/her last name. Also complete stoner.
"Man dont fuck with that guy, he's a killian"

"Never smoke with those killian's, they will smoke you dry"
by Cody Killian April 26, 2009
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Killian is typically an alcoholic or a stoner besides that he is fun to be around hilarious and a good kisser. See James Franco
Yo, invite Killian he'll hook us up with whatever we need
by AAAQ November 04, 2013
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a school full of wiggers and wanna be gangsters in Miami, FL an chonga filled school who think they run the show. fairly good sports program because of vast recruiting, grade changing, and baseically full of all around cheaters
person a walks into a place of buisness wheres his jeans at his knees has a white tee the size of a dress amd $400 shoes. he is a killian student
by {{{MOB}}} May 08, 2006
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He will change you. He’s really good with words, wise and kinky😂. Supremely loyal, talented, and smart when he wants to be... biggggg freak. But unfortunately he has walls, doesn’t let bet a handful in. He reads this website quite a bit actually and that’s why he’s reading this😂😂. Don’t let Killian our of your life, he’s really fun and caring. He’s the one who will make the difference. the Bronx tale says it’s an Italian thing where you have 3 greats, little do you know it’s a real thing. But He’ll make you not want to meet the other two. Fantastic personality. When you give him Killian’s Irish ale he will give you a nervous chuckle and smile. Killian’s are grateful for what they have because deep down inside he’s thinking about everything possible. He’s a great dude. I hope you find a Killian because there easy to miss but hard to replace.
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by The.tea.is.real June 17, 2019
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